Midnight Music: Unlike Pluto & KickRaux – Palace

Unlike Pluto & KickRaux - PalaceThis is the 1,000th post on this blog & I am so proud to use the opportunity to talk about Unlike Pluto. ATL-raised, he’s been training on the mean streets of the LA dance music scene, and has it ever paid off. This track is one of a kind, and Mad Decent knows it. He & KickRaux pushed the boundary of what dance music can sound like, way into territory I’m loving. The major chord progression respect, squelchy vocal samples & stunningly good production value on the trap beat is second to none. This is bordering on psychedelic, which, considering it’s a Mad Decent label tune, is astonishing. This has dharma punk written all over it. The pull back into the beat at 2:42 is everything I want to hear out of Mad Decent right now. Whoever convinced diplo to pick this tune up, I’m buying them a bottle of champagne, and none of that plastic top shit neither. Peep the track and show Unlike Pluto & KickRaux some love for this.



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