Join us at 4:30 PM today for #FestFriday! Ravelrie has some tips to survive & enjoy multi-day events as well! Also, get over there and give her props on her sweet website redesign!


IMG_1552In our monthly dialogue about festivals on twitter,  @staysafeseattle, @NYDanceSafe, @terrygotham, and I talk about festival safety, best practices, and how to generally stay comfortable.

This month, we have chosen to tackle the multi-day festival that spans many venues. You are probably most familiar with MMW/WMC (Miami Music Week / Winter Music Conference) which happens to be capped off by Ultra Music Festival each year at the end of March. You are probably also familiar with The BPM Festival, which happens in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, for 10 days, every January.

So, how exactly do you manage to stay hydrated, safe, get enough rest, and not experience FOMO (feat of missing out) during events like these? Here are my top 10 tips as a BPM vet for not burning out, and still maximizing your fun!

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