Alert! The BROS Need Our Help.

This is really important. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society (yes, it’s real) is trying to go legit and make the ridiculously amazing art they make, as a real boy…I mean company. But essentially, what this means, is a bunch of insanely talented puppeteers, choreographers, performers & other miscellaneous artists have to become a coherent 501c3 and grow into the ridiculous orgy of creativity & authenticity that I know they can become. They’re doing really well, and when it comes to how this is related to my blog, I’ll tell you.

These guys are not only throwing out satire about partying, community and what it means to be a Bro, literally infusing it into their entire being/performance, but they’re doing it on their own. There’s no Diet Coke or VitaminWater sponsorship here yet, nor are they playing by the grace of the Koch Brothers. And it’s actually good! This is real art, made with blood, sweat, tears & pizza. Lots of pizza. So honestly, get into it. I’m picking up some pins myself at least. Because Charm City will always hold a piece of my heart. They’ve got 24hrs, so let’s really help. Tell your friends if you can’t drop loot.



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