10 Questions With Terry Gotham: The Baltimore Rock Opera Society


The Baltimore Rock Opera Society –
Interview with Terry Gotham

(If you are proximal to the Baltimore area, I implore you, I beseech you, I beg of you to check out Lunastus. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society has been killing it for literally a decade now, and I was finally able to catch Lunastus, their latest mind-fuck jamboree of awesome, built with their bare hands (and lobster claws). I was so happy to talk to Shannon Hadley, Managing Director of the infamous Baltimore Rock Opera Society and wrangler of what must be a particularly feisty glaring of cats on acid (no shit, that’s what a group of cats is called) They make visionary and expansive rock-drenched stories, pushing the limits of what grass-roots, community and progressive art can be. I’ve been a fan for so long, so please enjoy this conversation, see the show, light them up on social media, and help them get somewhere dope to keep doing dope shit.)

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Alert! The BROS Need Our Help.

This is really important. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society (yes, it’s real) is trying to go legit and make the ridiculously amazing art they make, as a real boy…I mean company. But essentially, what this means, is a bunch of insanely talented puppeteers, choreographers, performers & other miscellaneous artists have to become a coherent 501c3 and grow into the ridiculous orgy of creativity & authenticity that I know they can become. They’re doing really well, and when it comes to how this is related to my blog, I’ll tell you.

These guys are not only throwing out satire about partying, community and what it means to be a Bro, literally infusing it into their entire being/performance, but they’re doing it on their own. There’s no Diet Coke or VitaminWater sponsorship here yet, nor are they playing by the grace of the Koch Brothers. And it’s actually good! This is real art, made with blood, sweat, tears & pizza. Lots of pizza. So honestly, get into it. I’m picking up some pins myself at least. Because Charm City will always hold a piece of my heart. They’ve got 24hrs, so let’s really help. Tell your friends if you can’t drop loot.


I Miss Classic deadmau5.

In case you missed it, deadmau5 mentioned someone who let a half-baked old school melody of his drip out onto YouTube. This is one of those tracks that made you fall in love with Joel. The ebb and flow of the synth is irrepressible. A track like this reminds us of what Strobe & I Remember used to do when they hit sets across North America. This is a reminder of an earlier time, one where Big Room wasn’t the unassailable behemoth it is, and Martin Garrix was still in…elementary school? Put this track in your face and let it bring you back to a less ADHD world, i.e. one where Joel isn’t stressed. It’s a great one, and one I’d love to see more often. (via EDMTunes)

Puddles Pity Party Sings About The Corporate Side Of Life For Kabbage.

The more Puddles does, the more I love him. This new video has Puddles reminding us of the hell that is the universe of corporate office work. I would love to know if Puddles worked an office job and left in a spectacular fashion. The words bite hard, as all good art truly should.

You’ll be popping pharmaceuticals & eating lunch in your cubicle
If we keep on the corporate side of life.

This is one of the few examples of sponsored art I’ve ever seen that I honestly support. It was done to create awareness about Kabbage, a funding aggregator for small business. This allows small/agile business to use an Etsy or PayPal account to get funding, based on how much they’re killing it. Ebay stars, your time has come. I frankly like this snarky art paired with a legit service that people who liked the song would use. Plenty of people are trying to hustle out of the corporate world for all of the reasons Puddles discusses. And more power to them. Rock on y’all.