Attend: World Of Drum & Bass NYC

March Drum & Bass Madness Continues! This time heading out to The Paper Box in BK to get into the harder Drum & Bass. This isn’t the liquid stuff I talk about most of the time ladies & gentlemen. This is proper, massive, “drop the patriatchy’s monocle in its tea cup” Drum & Bass. BP2 has been holding it down when it comes to this end of the spectrum here in the city better than anyone, and have partnered with Grade A to bring you this insanity on March 21st in Brooklyn. They deserve the respect & your attention.  Before we go any further, Facebook Event Info Here & Tickets Here. Yes this thing will sell out. No I’m not kidding.   I really do not understand how they’re affording this lineup. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Prototypes & Crissy Criss are pillars of proper D&B. Crissy Criss recently left his radio show where he had been one of the guiding hands for the genre for as long as I can remember knowing what the genre was. Drumsound & Bassline Smith is the pre-eminent D&B duo when you ask someone who still owns “Jungle Is Massive” shirts who in the UK is still killing it on that hard tip. The Prototypes are responsible for some of my favorite remixes of all time. These guys can throw down with anyone out there, and the mix above explains my point better than I ever could.The next batch is a selection of the talent coming repping Formation Records. 25 years in this business? You might as well have been in it for a thousand. I hope I can buy a drink for whoever had to tolerate dubstep showing up in the late 2000’s and the minivan trance in the late 90’s while repping this like an eternal sentinel. The talent here is Grade A, and I’ve added a mix from a personal friend of mine, Droosie, who is coming up from Charm City to make it happen in Brooklyn with the rest of this crew.

Make no mistake, this party will be one for the record books. If you were at Slake for the Hospital Records show, if you miss this, you deserve all the FOMO you feel. Big ups to everyone making this happen, and I will be there, in camo pants and a hoodie. No doubt. Facebook Event Info Here & Tickets Here once again, just so you didn’t miss it.

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