Attend: Delta Heavy, Loadstar & Optical @ Slake ft. Armanni Reign

We had Hospitality, we’re getting Crissy Criss & now, to round out #marchdnbmadness, Slake is closing it out with RAM Records. That’s right, Delta Heavy, Loadstar & Optical are showing up. I am so pleased that attention is being paid to Drum & Bass and I’m hoping this shows producers here in NYC that these shows can sell. Crowds show up ensure that these artsts get booked again & that the old stereotypes of the d&b crowd being a rough night on the bar go out with the night’s profits. Slake will get rowdy so get tickets here for this D&B extravaganza.I’ve been waiting to see Delta Heavy since Reborn was released. This is a track made for kings. If the rest of the set is even a glimmer of the insane gorgeousness that Reborn is, we’re in for a very special treat. The London talent will be going hard and really not to be underestimated. RAM goes significantly differently than Hospitality, even with the neurofunk that they gave us. This kind of crunchy, almost grimy d&b is going to turn Slake into a sweatbox especially with the city finally melting from the winter freeze.  Researching this preview, I was reminded of this superb Essential Mix from Loadstar, makes me even more excited for his set. This quality is what a lot of poser DJs think they have when it comes to D&B, but all of a sudden, 20min into the set, they have no idea where to go, because they like that hard beat, they just can’t control it. Loadstar can handle it and uses it to great effect. If you liked Spor’s recent Essential Mix, you’re going to love this one.Optical is filthy. And I mean that in the best possible way. When you run a label called Virus Recordings, you don’t have much use for the softer side of the genre. This kind of stuff is going to get the weaker among us to clutch their pearls & run screaming from the room. We’ll be waving good bye to them as it goes even harder. This kind of punchy, metallic & jungle-infused drum & bass is exactly what the month needs to finish out right.  Armanni Reign is bringing his internationally recognized MC skills to the stage. Most MCs need their XLR cables cut, but this guy stands up just like Dynamite and makes it actually worthwhile. Looking forward to him rhyming properly against it. Of course, to round it out, we’ll have some resident work from the increasingly crucial Cameron Kush. This guy’s got some of the most interesting track choices of any resident of a party that pays rent in NYC. Once again, get tickets here and enjoy the mixes. This is Terry Gotham, I’ll see you on the dance floor.

(Update! One more RAM Records Mini-Mix!)


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