Salvia, A Drug That Proves Humans Know A Bad Idea When They See One.

This week, Ravelrie, NY DanceSafe, Stay Safe Seattle & I are talking Salvia. That’s right, the drug you & your friends tried that one time and probably never touched again? It’s a legal in the USA, but it’s one of the drugs that never really caught on here in the USA. This stuff is native to Oaxaca, Mexico, but it’s spread to be available pretty much everywhere in the USA. There are not only regular strength dosages but in head shops around the country, you can buy potent extracts. Just imagine, not only can you get this stuff and smoke it, but you can purchase extracts that are anywhere from 2-40x as powerful. You’d imagine this would have a huge market right? Everyone does, until they actually do the stuff.

As you can see, this stuff isn’t exactly a rocking good time, unless you’re into not knowing where the floor or walls are. Salvia is one of those substances that I think prove, if given time & access/information, the population of users eventually reach a happy medium of consumption. The drug has exceptionally low toxicity & risk for addiction. I’d say the latter is largely because the experience is too freaking crazy to really get “addicted” to in any sense of the word. It’s one of the only substances I’ve seen seasoned drug users do once, and wash their hands of. They know what they want from drugs, and Salvia isn’t it.

To me, this is a prime example of users not getting what they want from a drug and putting it down. It’s widely recognized how crazy the drug is for casual users, and there’s a whole group of Latin American spiritual users & shamans who use it for the opposite of “recreation.” This is how it was used traditionally in Mexico, and it’s probably where the only active populations of really continuous users exist. For more info on Salvia check out the Erowid Vault and join us on twitter at 4:30 PM using #DrugFactFriday!


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