MOTW: Just Dan’s Throwback Hospitality & Lucid Dreaming 2 By Steve James

This week ladies & gentlemen, I’m happy to bring you two more dope mixes by people I’ve actually had conversations with. We’ll see how long I can keep this streak going, but starting us off, Steve James! I’ve talked about this wunderkind excessively, but please hit play if you’re still one of the 4 people that don’t think kids learning how to produce their own music on laptops won’t get you farther than learning how to play the bassoon. Not only is the mix done right, but there are definitely tracks on it I’ve never heard and need in my life. Imagine that, the younger ones finding it faster and serving it up nicer than I could. Almost the way of things, huh? If you’re in Miami get at his sets here, you won’t be disappointed. Switching gears to my always favorite, liquid drum & bass, my boy Just Dan delivers. This set of impressively vintage Hospital records hits shows what the guy can do when he wakes up with an idea in his head. He’s also doing a mix experiment which I’m super into. He’s going to do a series of “One Takes,” which will be one off-recordings, authentic, however it goes, it goes. This kind of risk taking is something we only hear from the DJs that do live shows, at regular intervals and it’s the same sound week-to-week. This series, spanning genres & styles, is definitely not something our press-play DJs do. Respect.


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