#DrugFactFriday: Adderall & Vyvanse

Ravelrie is coming at you with a pile of information on Adderall, Vyvanse & Focalin! Get at it and my article so you can be prepared for the #DFF today on them! See everyone at 4:30pm using the hashtag #AddyVy!


Adderall and Vyvanse graphic

This week, for our dialogue series, we decided to profile two of the most used, abused, and revered AD(H)D medications: Adderall and Vyvanse.

The over-diagnosing and prescribing of these medications have led people to call it an epidemic, or question if some students are over-achievers, or if they have the help of “brain boosting” medications like Adderall and Vyvanse.

The effects of these two high-profile medications are two-fold; not only do they help you focus, but they also curb your appetite.  In a society that places so much emphasis on a thin, trim physique with a high powered job that requires extreme-laser focus in order to get ahead, it’s no wonder that some are dubbing the abuse of these medications, which are popped like candy at all levels from middle and high school students, to soccer moms, to high powered executives, our generation’s amphetamine crisis.

Yes, when prescribed, and then…

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