Midnight Music: Just A Gent – Pure Imagination [Future Bass]

Just A Gent - Pure Imagination

Just A Gent – Pure Imagination

Just A Gent continues to blow me away. I am just going to expect every new remix & original track to be stupendous. He sits down at the piano and doesn’t get up until we’ve seen one of the best re-imaginings of Willy Wonka’s Pure Imagination (performed by Gene Wilder of course) since the film. The synth work at 50 sec rambles around in the sky and echoes through the rest of the track. A lovely fusion of sun-drenched vibe, piano and amazing future bass, this is an instant classic. I also bet you’ll get people who don’t like EDM that are really into it when they hear it. This is a great intro track for those leery friends who went to Governor’s Ball for Drake & Lana Del Ray but think deadmau5 is weird. Just A Gent is a gem that’s blossoming into one of the most exciting sounds in dance music. 


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