Midnight Music: B-Complex – Beautiful Lies [Drum & Bass]

I don’t know who this Random Globe character is, but they know what they’re doing and have earned a spot in my “bored on YouTube” subscription rotation. This new channel, featuring some of the better liquid D&B that usually slips through my radar is still in the formative stages folks. But the 14 songs up already an the D&B list are solid as are the ~60 video chill list. This B-Complex track is everything you need to punch through the early week slump. A dope breakdown after a full 3:40 of regular drum & bass song? Especially considering most tunes in this genre are only that long, it’s gotta be something you sit up and appreciate, when you’ve got a 45sec legit breakdown in the tune. This is some old school Planet of the Drums vibe, pushed into an “almost” liquid track. The result is a gorgeous two hump track that feels like a classic. The vintage taste combined with the modern production values makes for a wonderful vacation in the middle of the week. Head on over to Random Globe if you agree.


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