Midnight Music: Danny Stubbs ft. Issa – Voices In The Dark (Remix By Scott Bond)

Danny Stubbs ft. Issa - Voices In The Dark

I had to break up the Drum & Bass streak when I found this in my inbox. Scott Bond continues his hotstreak, pushing out a hard remix of Voices In The Dark, off of the REBOOTED label. This is my kind of trance, with Armin agreeing, dropping it on ASOT690.

The remix pack is delightful, with some quality work being done by Magnus. This smoother re-working of Danny Stubb’s fantastic original work got some love the next week on ASOT. This dreamier, softer, but still intense remix has a gorgeous build around 1:40, and it’s those types of chords I really think need to come back into trance. It’s a sound that flirts with psy, and will keep everyone on their feet.

The package, with the original & 4 remixes drops on Jan 19th, so rock it when it shows up on Beatport eh? It’s going to be a big one in trance sets for 2015, so don’t sleep on it. Especially these two remixes.