Wu Tang Clan + Final Fantasy 3/6 = Lyrical Magicite Infused Hip Hop. [Free Download!]

I’m stunned, this is crazy delicious. Some clever fuck from Lexington, KY named 2  Mello combined two of my favorite things. Final Fantasy 6 (III in America) on SNES was a triumph of storytelling and massively creative gameplay, celebrating it’s 20th anniversary since release, yesterday. Enter The 36 Chambers, the debut album of the mighty Wu Tang Clan, is an album so critical to the global soundscape that if you don’t know what I’m talking about, EDUCATE THE MIND. The combination of the two is a mindfuck, but in one of the best ways I’ve heard in a while. Magic Ruins Everything Around Me fuses the introductory stage music with one of the most recognizable Wu tracks in history. The bass & pacing are perfect, and #2 on this album is a must listen. Figaro Kids (Track 4) shimmers with glory and continued excellent vocal usage & respect. R.E.C. The Opera works, impossibly, throwing together one of the most epic moments of all 8/16bit video gaming. However, the piece de resistance is Da Mystery of Shadow-Boxin’, without question. Chessboxin + the badass Shadow theme is something I really hope gets to the ears of one of the Wu. This one right below the words you’re reading, right here.

And what’s more, it costs zero dollars. Stream it above, or download it here. This dude did Chrono Jigga a while ago, which was dope, so give this a shot, you’ll thank me.