With New 808s & 909s On The Way, Could The 303 Be Next?

With news of the TR-808 coming back to the delight of acid house & detroit techno enthusiasts the world over, it seems Roland has struck a chord when it comes to zealous fans that seem to have a bit more $$ in their pockets than they did in the early 90’s. FACT Mag did some digging and is providing some interesting evidence to support the idea that a 303 will be coming as well as a new 909. The TR-808 announcement left a lot of people arguing about whether the digital protege of the original analog 808 machine could ever match the classic, but it hasn’t seemed to slow Roland’s erm…roll, as it were. There’s going to be a lot of very excited people and if we see a resurgence of acid house replace the trap/electro heavy dance floors of 2013, I don’t think you’ll see too many disappointed old-timers, myself included.