Best “Every Breath You Take” Cover Ever.

So this dude Chase Holfelder is doing a series called “Major to Minor” where he transposes major/happy sounding songs into a minor/sad sounding key. This is a great exercise, but this most recent one really blew me away. This cover really brings out the inherent “creepy as fuck” aspect of the song. Which, if you’re any fan of music, you know is huuuuge. This is definitely an accomplishment, considering it looks like he did it with 2 people, 1 microphone and Pro Tools. At the end of the day, this needs to be in a soundtrack for a movie involving either a dystopian future or a jilted lover ASAP. (Via Laughing Squid)

The Evolution of Music As Told By Pentatonix

I’m a big fan of projects like this. I think it’s super important to know what people jammed out to a generation or 3 ago. We tend to have a stiff impression of people from the past, but I think it’s really cool to hear what the party or popular music was back then. Sometimes it’s inspiring, sometimes it’s wacky, and sometimes it’s damn applicable to the present day. Pentatonix takes us through an extensive & entertaining 4.5min of vocal glory. Some of your favorite songs come up, and I had no idea when some of these actually came out, because I don’t actually know things, I just use the Google goodly. Fun little video to help you run the workweek’s clock out, and if you need more of their acapella stylings, check out their YouTube channel here.