Catch The Throne Mixtape Ft. Big Boi, Common & Daddy Yankee Released!

Just in case you didn’t have a thousand reasons to be excited for Game of Thrones, there’s a mixtape. Yup. There’s a whole lot of hip hop associated with the ridiculously popular HBO adaptation of George RR Martin’s globalized torture device. They brought the second half of Outkast into this, and he drops his own thoughts surrounding the Mother of Dragons on you. Check out the other tracks on the Soundcloud page, and yes, it’ll be impossible to ignore come April. So if you’re not down, run and hide, the White Walkers are coming.

Outkast Headlining Coachella!

Outkast at Coachella. Ostensibly confirmed by someone close to the duo in their interview with Stereogum two days ago, this definitely is going to be one of the most hotly-anticipated performances of the year. I’d talk about him more, but I’ll just remind everyone that Polaroid had to issue warnings about shaking pictures because of how popular that jam got. Should be real. (via FACT)

(Update: I was right! Check the full lineup below! It’s stacked!