Midnight Music: BT – Somnambulist (Mark Norman Remix)

This one took me surprise, during a friend’s live set. This scintillating remix of BT’s Somnambulist is quite good. BT’s a tough artist to remix as he’s one of the best composers in the industry, hands down. When someone can pull this kind of feeling into a BT tune, I couldn’t be more happy about it. This kind of build isn’t something we hear at trance shows anymore. Any trance track that makes you wait 4min 30sec to give you what you want is my kind of trance. It’s a dope build, a better break, and it’s getting harder and harder to find this kind of stuff. As the track is from 2011, it’s retro enough. Here’s to hoping this kind of sound comes back shortly, as I know that many of us have been waiting for quite some time.

Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: Sydney Blu

1. For all of the NYC-based hopefuls that dream of the day they make it down to Avalon, can you tell us what it sounds like these days? How is it different than what you did at Mansion?
I’m not a resident at Avalon but whenever I’m in town I play there. I definitely feel that Avalon is a staple, it’s been around for so long. They have a built in crowd, so it doesn’t really matter who’s playing, they always have a packed audience. And on top of that, they have all of these artists and their fans come out, to add to the crowd. So there was ALWAYS a packed crowd.

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