Midnight Music: UV boi ft. Fionn Richards & Brasstracks فوق بنفسجي – LUV [Aussie Bass]

UV Boi ft Brasstracks & Fionn Richards - LUV

UV boi ft. Fionn Richards & Brasstracks فوق بنفسجي – LUV

I’mobsessed with how future this track is. There’s so much to like about UV boi, and it’s on display here (By the way, the Arabic says ultraviolet.). From the perfect collaboration to the perfect future trap sounds, to the cell phone typing on the beat the whole time, this is the new hotness. The Brasstracks adding their emerging horn jams to the windswept vocals by Fionn Richards and UV boi takes it from there. He takes it and runs with it. There’s a neo-spiritual feel to this, while it also identifies as footwork and future bass. This is why I love the stuff coming out of Down Under. It’s so free from corporate dumb-assery, it takes so many more risks. C’mon, can you imagine anyone but The Chainsmokers adding texting sounds to a track? And then adding them to a future jazz track? I don’t think so. UV Boi makes it happen and we’re all better for it.

Midnight Music: Vices & Jailo & BrassTracks & K.B. Starr – We Bout It

So, I’m kind of annoyed at my West Coast people. They didn’t tell me about Moving Castle, this stunning label that’s been making waves at SXSW this year. They just dropped their 4th compilation of future hotness and I wanted to bring you this highlight. This tune combines so many of my favorite things. We’ve got future bass, brass, syncopation, appropriate vocal work & quite a fun set of vibes. This is the kind of work I really like seeing from the EDM universe. The collab between the half dozen pieces of talent that honestly need to keep working together. Hit up the soundcloud page and show some love to these guys on Facebook & Instagram, because you’re going to be hearing way more from Moving Castle in the coming months.