Music I’ve Forgotten About: Jurgen Vries feat. CMC – The Opera Song (Brave New World)

Holy crap this song. I totally forgot this existed until this classic trance post that showed up on my RSS feed. This classic trance JAM is proof of what we all used to listen to when you had to go to Virgin Records or Tower to listen to tracks off a CD from the UK or Holland that costs $19.99 for some reason. This is the era where we really had no idea what we were doing when it came to dance music videos. But then again, trance like this was seen as the real “anthem” end of the genre. So both ends of this seem crazy enough to mash together. While this reboot-looking video has enough stupid in it to explain my point, I want to note to all the younglings, this is what big room sounded like before proglectro & dubstep. And yes, it was silly as fuck. This was main-room Ministry of Sound ish. Granted, the bass was a little higher than on the wack YouTube rip, but you get my point. Be glad you live in the future. And don’t make me bust out the shitty acid house or happy hardcore to make my point. (via Stoney Roads)