The French Keep Killing It. Stupendous Visual Work From IF

Can we just start installing these in places? The CityFox Experience had great success with this level of crazy good visualization, but Team IF has really taken it one step forward. This kind of build for visualizations is incredible and people need to start giving this team money toute suite.

Hey Ticketmaster, Someone Wants To Make You Less Annoying. Listen To Them.

So, a designer by the name of Matthew Lew decided to completely rework the idiotic & archaic design of tickets you get from TicketBastard. You’d think for the $30 “convenience fee” on a $60 ticket, they’d be a little more user-friendly and hip, but no. Until now (hopefully). Check out the open letter here where he gets into all the design geekery how-to’s and lots of different examples. C’mon Ticketmaster, get on the stick, it’s the future.