Midnight Music: Kito & Reija Lee ft. Zebra Katz – WORD$ (DJ Slink Remix) [Sick Jersey Club]

Jersey Club is evolving right in front of us. The genre that is best known for bed squeak noises and confusing R&B sample usage has begun to mature & blossom. This DJ Slink remix of WORD$ is a potent turn of events when it comes to the use of irregular beats, as we’ve seen in the genre. Vocal work on point, balanced against an evolving soundscape, it almost seems like an indie infusion into the genre, which is a fantastic development. The almost-rock beats push against a rhythm that smells of R&B, but only just so. DJ Slink has my attention & kudos to Kito, Reija Lee & Zebra Katz for an amazing original track. (via Stoney Roads)