I Literally Can’t With Literally I Can’t, The New Lil Jon Video. Is Frat EDM A Genre Yet?

When it comes to criticism of the dance music community, a lot of it is off base, and I don’t agree with the vast majority of it. However, LMFAO alum Redfoo, Lil Jon & Enertia McFly got some DJs (Play-N-Skillz) and created a tight 4 minute explanation of everything that is wrong with EDM/Party culture. The track fuses misogynist lyrics with a butt-ton of questionable consent & substance use practices, and that’s the most politically kind way I can describe it. It’s as if someone dropped the girls from #Selfie into a Steve Aoki show outside of the VIP. Except worse, because it’s at STFU, a “frat” where people are breakdancing with beer bongs and there’s inflatable pool wrestling going on. While I understand large swaths of the country think that this is essentially the apex of party, can we not?

At what point does propagating a culture of binge drinking, combined with drug use, become complicit? I’m not saying these people are responsible for any stupid decisions, but I get really tired of watching people idolize crunk, then be confused as to why they’re so fucked up they did something stupid that has big boy consequences. Do I think this kind of party exists at colleges all across the country? Yes. Is that their right? Surely. Are there probably thousands of consent violations and bad drug experiences because of it? You know, I hope not, but I can’t be confident about that.