Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: The Festival Lawyer


1. How did you go from regular law to festival & drug law?
I actually have a “real job”  as a law partner in my own criminal defense firm. It’s super satisfying and busy enough that I don’t have any need to use “The Festival Lawyer” to market for new clients.  I  write under “The Festival Lawyer” name in part because  I want people to understand that  I’m not their  lawyer and not trying to represent them.  I just really like music and festivals and believe that if I can  pass on some of the things that I know,  that it might make everyone feel a little safer and more empowered. The basic Festival Lawyer message is  that we can make festivals (and everywhere else, actually) better through Education, Empowerment and  Positivity. 

 2. What was your first party, how did you enter the scene?
I was a college radio DJ  and actually played parties as a DJ in the 80s.  The San Francisco Bay Area in the 80s was a very happening place for music. There were a ton of  clubs like “DV8” in SF where  they  would play dance remixes of New Wave, Goth and Techno music with music videos going on.  So that’s what I think of when it comes to my introduction to a “Dance Scene”. It was a very DIY and local scene. People would just hand out flyers to some travelling  warehouse party they were putting on that weekend.That’s how local it was.   Considering how it started as this small group of promoters and DJs it blows my mind what a global phenomenon EDM has become.It’s amazing.