Mix Of The Week: Memories by Liquicity, Mixed by Maduk

Too many Drum & Bass artists to name on this week’s Mix. Maduk of Liquicity fame has served up a fantastic trip down memory lane for us liquid fantatics. There’s a lot to love here, with tracks from Stan SB, Feint, Rameses B & like a dozen other artists. This is to celebrate their new compilation “Memories.” A good idea, as this allows them to get all of your (and my) favorite tracks from years of listening in one place. 30 of the best liquid tracks in years, and the compilation comes with a big 76min mix as well. The preview mix that’s posted here is just a taste to whet the appetite and honestly, it does exactly that. Tracks I’ve not heard in years, and others I’ve never heard, flow smoothly together as Maduk does work getting the word out about this compilation.  So I want to give them money for it all. Which, you should do as well.

Midnight Music: Recognise – Fred V & Grafix

Fred V & Grafix do some great work, so I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a chance to listen to this track until a few days ago. Two weeks old and not a yammer about it? For shame Mr. Gotham, for shame. The duo are really honing their craft and the production value on this tune is off the charts. There’s this rich, lush feeling that tugs the vocals along, which are a perfect compliment to the beats. I’ll have some non-D&B soon. Maybe. I promise.