There Is Actually A Place More Hipster Than Williamsburg.

Just when you thought we’d reached the pinnacle of Hipsterdom, it seems Eastern Europe has beaten Brooklyn out for the top spot. The capital of Latvia, Riga, has been voted as the top spot for Hipsters anywhere across the globe. Check out the rest of the neighborhoods and feel free to light up my comments if you think the jeans in Riga couldn’t possibly be more tight than the ones coming out of Billyburg. Yes, people do actually call it Billyburg. Check out the article at Skyscanner here.

Idiot’s Guide To Smart People: Music

CaptureOk, everything about this is correct. This quote, less than 20 seconds into the video, really captures how bad it’s gotten in some circles these days.

It takes a smart person to love something in a way that takes all the fun out of it.”

There’s about 2:45 of good stuff here, so put it into your face, and trust me, don’t google Louisiana Swamp Pop. It sounds like flies & relaxed sadness.

A First Hand Account of how Hipsters came to be & reviled.

For all of our Brooklyn-ites & curious internationals, the hipster has come to embody a lot of what urban America/Gotham City is known for now. A random cool person breaks it down on Reddit for ya. It’s one of those gigantic posts that really puts things in perspective. For people that aren’t into reading, the tl;dr is

“There’s no one thing that defines a hipster. It came out of the punk/DIY movement, but has become a commercialized subculture that many of us who were part of the earlier counter-culture don’t recognize.”

Coming out of the anti-capitalist/DIY/post-punk movement, a lot of heads eventually got recognized as unique/authentic, and then the fashion got stole’d by richies, diluting the entire construct and making it totally against what it was started for. Now, instead of looking retro/vintage because you spent 5hrs thrifting because you reject capitalism/materialism, you spend 2 grand and look the same. Interestingly this was lampooned in both Gangnam Style (for those of us who bothered looking up the translated lyrics) and more accessibly, in Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Lewis, posted below for the approximately 4.7 people in America who still have not heard this song.

So, check it out, and next time you see em, remember, authenticity is forever and douches will always find a way to get ripped off trying to be authentic. See you on that dance floor, wear something that helps you express yourself, not some bullshit that some style-guide told you was in.