So, Mexican Supermarkets Have High Energy Dancing Cow Mascots

So, this was the first video I saw on this that pulled me in. How the hell do you keep this level of energy up? But wait, it gets better.
This Alpura mascot seems to be better than any Football mascot or half of the people that I see out at the club. But just in case you thought one of these things was enough, there’s more. Apparently this is a team between the mascot and and announcer, as this video proves. But, apparently, this is a national thing, as there’s footage of dozens of these mascots in one place rocking out to this stuff.
You’re welcome. Your Tuesday has nothing on la vache qui danse.

Someone Mashed UP Sia’s Chandelier with Star Wars. It’s Amazing.

Teddie Films thought about what would’ve happened after Captain Solo was frozen in carbonite, on the off chance Chewie took Han’s direction of “take care of Leia” a little too literally. The video is a fun, nerdy romp that will definitely put a smirk on your face. Especially after you see a random Asian dude trying to rock the Leia Cinnabon haircut. Can’t wait to see if the Leia/Chewie pair of costumes get some attention because of this. Happy Friday y’all! (Happy Saturday to Australia & Hong Kong, where it’s almost tomorrow already!)

Woman Destroys DJ’s Gear & Punches DJ For Track Choice

So, apparently in Madison, WI, a woman got so mad at some DJ’s track choice that they not only assaulted the DJ, but destroyed his headphones, laptop and microphone. And, just in case you didn’t think that was bad enough, the Typhoon of Ruin is still at large. Watch your back road warriors. Also, don’t play Levels. Not because she’s out there, just because Levels.