Miley Cyrus Drops Country Cover Of “Hey Ya” By Outkast On Her Bangerz Tour!

You read that right. Dressed in a long bedazzled T-shirt with a picture of her face on it (with her tongue where her crotch is), and no pants on, she belted out Hey Ya, the Outkast classic that’s largely driving the gigantic swell of interest in seeing them perform essentially everwhere this summer. Someone made a hilariously on point call in her camp, because the track is going to get serious traction. It hit HuffPo a few days ago, and I assume there’s going to be a retail version of the tune shortly. Oh, and she’s still wearing that pot leaf onesie in the tour I believe as well.

What’s The Story Morning Glory? 6 AM Dance Parties In The UK!

HuffPo Lifestyle UK reports that the UK has started having sober, 6 AM parties. Free coffee and massage will be provided, but do NOT show up from a night of raging. This is apparently for all of the people who seem to need to shake thier moneymaker before heading into the office. What do you think? Would you be down to get in an hour or two of booty shaking on a Wednesday morning? Apparently they have smoothies so I might be able to be convinced, depending on the genre of music of course. Hit up the page and hit up the comments if you can’t imagine dragging your sorry ass to a dance floor before 11 PM.