Midnight Music: SAFIA – Counting Sheep [Aussie Dance Pop]

I’m switching things up for tonight’s Midnight Music. This was a group that I’d been following for the last year or so, after their jaw-droppingly good Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds blew me away 11 months ago. This kind of ethereal dance makes me think of Scissor Sisters and a bunch of distinctly non-American bands that keep it uptempo while not slouching on the vocals. That may or may not be Vincent Price midway in the track, but I really want to focus on the ridiculously excellent vocals that were laid down in this century. There’s an outrageousness that is also creepy at the same time that makes me want more. Frankly, next time I can’t sleep, I have a feeling this is going to get put in my face. Give it up for SAFIA ladies & gentlemen. (via Stoney Roads)  

Attend: Nora En Pure Delivers For InDeep 12.11.14!

Nora En Pure

My friends need to stop being awesome, cause all these Thursday night parties are killing me. InDeep has returned to NYC after the huge success of their debut event. Nora En Pure has been on the rise for a little while now and if you’re a fan of Indie Dance & Deep House, this is definitely going to be someone you need to catch. I’m always a fan of lady DJs that find their own unique sound away from what gets NERVO booked and all of that. She’s getting some backup from Alex English, a man who NYC would be noticeably less fun without. This night will be a definite surprise for the heads out in club land, so I hope you’re one of the people who gets to ask if you “were there” come Friday morning. Her latest podcast is fantastic, with superb track choices, flawless execution & really original transitions. Like, sometimes I want to hear a flute solo get me from one track to another in a deep house set.

Just in case you can’t wait, check out the latest InDeep Mix, ft. Vijay & Sofia Zlatko. These two have been killing it with their tracks getting picked up all over the EDM blogosphere. They’ve got another 80min of groovy, deep house for you, so between this & Nora’s mix, you’ve got almost your entire morning mapped out. Get tickets here & groove your Monday workday away, thanks to InDeep!