Midnight Mix! Luvstep V By Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix

I’m going to try and make an honest effort to push at least one mix out into the universe from my various repositories/basins of tunes, because sometimes people want a bit more than one track at a time. So, I’m happy to inaugurate this attempt with the 5th & newly expanded edition of the series I’ve been a fan of since its inception (if you’re a fan of the series you know why that’s a terrible joke). The combination of hip hop, movie vocals, chillstep, drum & bass, UK garage, lovetrap r&b and whatever else they want to throw in there makes for a wonderful & romantic two hours. Listen to it with someone you’re sweet on.

Tracks of the Month: February 2013

Coming at you again with another 25 tracks that dropped in the last month, I think you’re going to like the collection I’ve put together here. A bit more trance heavy than last month, which is always a plus for the trance people out there, some really deep dubby stuff, a few chilled out tunes,  a track off that sick Arkasia EP I raved about a week ago, a track by Flexstyle that can only be described as Trance-Hop and a few choice tunes from MixMag, who has been killing it lately when it comes to their Soundcloud stream.

Also at the end is my favorite mix of the month, the magnificent Luvstep IV done by Flufftronix & Dirty South Joe. It’s one of my most favorite mixes of the year, and if you don’t know it, get at it 😀

Get at them and post up your favorites in the comments!