PM(A), PMMA, Who Got The Keys To My Bimmer

PMAThis week, Ravelrie, Stay Safe Seattle, NY DanceSafe & I are talking PMA/PMMA. Just like the rap joke in the title, this topic is as old, and potentially devastating. PMA  In case you weren’t paying attention, fake pills killed some people in the UK over the holiday season. When The Guardian is taking time to talk about this, you should be paying attention. To stress, this stuff has been killing people since 1973. The USA, Canada & the UK have dealt with this stuff, even the Netherlands Denmark has had its problems with it.

Now remember, it’s not like we don’t know how to get information out to the public. Mixmag reminds us that in the UK people, will call out the gov’t for not issuing safety warnings about pills. That’s right, the Warehouse Project gets information out about this stuff, and even local newspapers in Bristol were getting the word out. Isn’t that really what we should be trying for? Using this crazy security & surveillance apparatus they’ve built under the guise of protecting us, and using it to like…tell us when there are things out there that might hurt us?

pma-pmma (1)


But I digress. You may be wondering why I’m bamboozling you with UK statistics when you, dear reader, likely aren’t reading this from Brixton (BIG UPS BIG APPLE RECORDS!). Here’s the really scary reminder that ties this little post of mine together. Anyone who has been in the scene for more than the last couple of years will remember the Superman pills here in NYC. These pills are seen as the like, the dope shit. And they really are dope. They will ruin your night/life, and we need to be cognizant of the fact that reputations when it comes to MDMA can be used against users. This is DanceSafe  advocates drug checking if you’re really brave (stupid) enough to use these things. To note, besides a random trip report or two, this drug doesn’t have a recreational following. No one is trying to score PMA, they just get it because their dealer is a terrible person. Be safe, don’t take drugs that will kill you & join us at 4:30pm on Twitter using #PMMA.

Playlists Of The Weekend: EDMTunes/Spinnin’ Records & InDeep 30!

Super glad that I can bring this out to share for y’all. A bunch of my peeps at EDMTunes put together this fantastic 90min of dance music for you. New illness from The Chainsmokers, deep gorgeousness from Matt Lange off Anjunabeats, Bassnectar’s summer jam & 17 more tunes. From trap bangers to progressive anthems, if you want to know what Electric Zoo sounds like right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a better sampling of tunes that are big right now. Strong by Arno Cost & Shadow of the Sun’s Mako remix are highlights as well. Hit up EDMTunes and thank them for making this happen with Spinnin’ Records. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know when the next one comes out as well.

Over on Soundcloud, there’s the next session of InDeep. These cats are quickly becoming my go to source for deep, future, tech & “insert sub-genre of house here” house. The list comes in at a manageable 72min and with new Hot Since 82, Amtrac, a fun little snippet from Marcapasos, a FANTASTIC deep house remix of Bittersweet Symphony (must listen), a joint from Mixmag featuring Jody Wisternoff & a whole lot more. If the EDMTunes playlist is your Turn Down For What list, this is your grooving, deep dark set that happens later in the night. Or now while you’re walking around cleaning the house on the long weekend before shenanigans later. Or yachting, elephant polo’ing or jousting, whatever you’re into. The tunes are quality so enjoy the almost 3 hours of music between these two playlists and rock out your weekend!

Midnight Music: Katy B

To celebrate Katy B hitting #1 in the UK with her new album Little Red, I decided to put up one of the tunes from it, Crying for No Reason. This is everything a video should be, especially with the chops that Katy B has. I hope she gets her fair share of success and some exposure in the USA to boot, because her ability to blend vocals & beats is fantastic and needs to start being injected in the USA pop engine ASAP. It’s not easy to beat both Ellie Goulding & London Grammar, but there you have it folks. (via Mixmag)

DJs Can Dance! (Kinda)

Mixmag runs this great little weekly called The Lab, that showcases varsity talent from all over the globe. This one ups the traditional weekly podcast in that it’s a live-stream fresh from the decks. This gives the viewer (you) a unique opportunity to watch DJs geek out on music up close and personal. Apparently Mixmag has taken this and run with it, such that they’ve been able to compile this quick and dirty 85 seconds of DJs shaking what their mama gave them. It’s a nice touch, and it’s very heartening to know that Carl Cox can move when he wants to. Peep it for the lulz and check The Lab for additional illness.

The Track That Might’ve Changed Things For Good In 2013.

This track was shared/favorited/retweeted the world over, with 350k plays in 1 week. For Skrillex or a Triple A artist, this is no sweat, but Daleri was a total unknown. They created a minute mashup of everything that was wrong with dance music last year, as illustrated by the Beatport Top 100. Listen to it if you don’t believe me. I tweeted about it whenever it came out, but one of the things I have to agree with Mixmag about now, the charts the tunes within the mashup came from on Beatport, are different now. The staccato beat/drop + wow so epic build pattern was repeated over and over, isn’t gone completely, but the diversity is growing, and the “let’s all do the same thing” has weakened a bit for the moment. Do you think we need more audio-based commentary like what Daleri did?

Tracks of the Month: February 2013

Coming at you again with another 25 tracks that dropped in the last month, I think you’re going to like the collection I’ve put together here. A bit more trance heavy than last month, which is always a plus for the trance people out there, some really deep dubby stuff, a few chilled out tunes,  a track off that sick Arkasia EP I raved about a week ago, a track by Flexstyle that can only be described as Trance-Hop and a few choice tunes from MixMag, who has been killing it lately when it comes to their Soundcloud stream.

Also at the end is my favorite mix of the month, the magnificent Luvstep IV done by Flufftronix & Dirty South Joe. It’s one of my most favorite mixes of the year, and if you don’t know it, get at it 😀

Get at them and post up your favorites in the comments!