EDMTunes Interview: MiTiS

(EDMTunes gave me the opportunity to interview rising star & one of my favorite finds of 2012, MiTiS, who obliterated Slake when he played in NYC recently. Show the original article love so my editors keep letting me post stuff: http://www.edmtunes.com/2013/09/edmtunes-exclusive-interview-mitis/)

1. How was your summer? Any cool gigs, or fun stories? My son came into existence 4 months ago today, I was luckily home earlier today. I had a day off, took a train home from Baltimore, see my son, his 4 month birthday. Every month I’ve been able to come home, which is pretty big. I’m pretty stoked to be back in the studio and vibe off of that, the feelings and emotions and inspiration from that.

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