Jon Lajoie Shows Us How Far We’ve Fallen.

Mr. Lajoie has done some amazing work over the years. Whether it’s rapping or singing about getting high (see my 420 post) he’s been an institution on YouTube for years now. This new video is both hilarious and terribly sad. The stunning commentary on the total co-opting of the music industry by branding & marketing is done exquisitely. It pains me to say it, but every word of the video is true. One of the only ways for artists to make it these days is to get corporate sponsorship or for their baby hit single to get pulled into an ad campaign by Pfizer or Ford. Hit it up, then try not to feel bad for your friends who “hate commercialism” and are trying to make it. Here’s a tip, Generation Z doesn’t know what “selling out” is. Let that sink in for a moment.