Midnight Music: Kove – Way We Are (Dub Mix) [Deep House]

Since I yammered about Kove a little while ago, I’m delighted to say that the track has been picked up, and EDM.com brings us a reworking of the tune that shimmers with quality.  The deep, techy, but still perky envisioning of the original D&B is music to my ears. There’s the necessary competent build with some slicing & dicing of the vocals in just the way your rooftop party deep house should sound. This has some potential to get pushed into some sets, especially with the break into super old school styles halfway in. The sound is very now. While I feel like a catastrophic douche for writing that, I think it’s true in a lot of ways. The retro feel given some modern bounce, in addition to the proper usage of vocals pushing into a deeper, less anthem-y sound. Listen and you tell me if I’m right?  (via EDM.com)

Midnight Music: Kove – Way We Are ft. Melissa Steel [Drum & Bass!]

New Drum & Bass! Kove has been a bastion of occasional quality over the months, and I’m super pleased that new awesomeness has come out featuring stunning vocalist Melissa Steel. The tune is exactly what you want out of a vocal liquid track. Coming at you fast & hard, the tune doesn’t disappoint, while not taking any risks. The vocal work is perfectly matched with the lush & gliding drum and bass done by Kove. Kove has been on my radar for a while now, but they’ve definitely been upgraded to “put everything they come out with into my face. You should too. (via Stoney Roads)