Mix Of The Weekend: Full On Fluoro By Paul Oakenfold! (Three Years!)

I remember the first Full On Fluoro posting when this started in 2011. I was actually on a random Oakenfold binge, having been obsessed with Gamemaster by Lost Tribe off tranceport for a few weeks. The idea that Oakenfold was showing back up, on Soundcloud (which was relatively tiny compared to its size now) of all places, made me so happy. I’ve listened to most, and I’ll probably go back and listen to the rest of them over the coming months. This is proper trance. It’s a super important counter-weight to the ASOT podcasts. While Armin is the shimmering, euphoric & glittery end of Trance at times, Oakenfold’s sound bleeds psychedelic, while maintaining the driving, spectral, global feel that has been lost on some of our more recent trancelectro DJ offerings at festivals independent of Mr. Van Buuren’s amazing work (I’m looking at you W&W). This sound is no joke and I’m so glad it continues to exist to this day. Rock out your weekend & dance in the sun if you can.

Mix Of The Weekend: Kygo – Diplo & Friends [Shimmering Bass]

I’ve decided to add mixes into my music yammering, so we’ll see how long I can stay consistent with this. Every weekend I’m going to be choosing a live/produced mix to help you glide through the weekend with. Chill, Uptempo, Dancey, Brutal, gonna mix it up and keep focusing on stuff you probably haven’t seen posted on blergs or Facebook. This week I’m bringing you the Norway shooting star, Kygo. This kid is going to be huge this summer, you heard it here first (well, no, you probably heard it from Diplo, EDMTunes or Twitter first if you’ve been paying attention.) Put this on and dance in the sun. There’s a lush, full sound to the beats & remixes he’s putting down, and his eagerly anticipated remix for Coldplay should ignite this guy’s career. The 100bpm smooth sexiness is exactly what you need to round out the Sunday. Enjoy and check back every weekend to see what I come up with.