VICE interviews the American student who is planning the most important EDM festival ever.

While I love bass music and parties and dancing and sunrises, I’ve never made the mistake of thinking they were more important than caring for people or fighting for change. When events shine light on world issues or advocate for the downtrodden it makes me feel better about the gigantic miasma of alcohol and electricity that is being consumed so people can ostensibly move around in a big box. However, if this kid manages to pull this off, I will eat damn fine crow and cheer for him and the necessity for what he’s doing.

The creation of an Israeli-Palestinian music festival, on neutral ground, based on music from both cultures could quite possibly be the most amazing thing to happen to EDM ever. And this kid deserves every kind of support he can get. From the interview: “Anyone interested in helping Andrew and his friends out should email

Do so if you can or know people who do. This could be the start of something amazing.