Midnight Music: Infected Mushroom – Kazabubu

Infected Mushroom - Kazabubu I’m 10 days late on this, so apologies are in order. I should’ve been yelling about this a week ago. To get you excited for 2015, 1/6 brings Friends With Mushrooms, their new full-length album. The 17 track juggernaut will include a couple of the highlights from their massive “Friends With Mushrooms” EPs that have dotted the release cycle over the last few years. To celebrate, Dim Mak wanted to make sure you knew what they sound like and to remind you just how dope their production values are, even to this day. This album is going to have a lot of surprises, but the quality you’ve come to expect will be there in spades. This track fuses the electro, world-beat, psy, big beat and dubby elements with the end of the tune really punching into some fun bass sounds. Pre-order the album here on iTunes & get ready for some sharp, effective mushrooms in 2015. (via Thump)

DVS Is Back. Rejoice & Be Glad.

Thankfully, DVS blessed Noisey & the wider intertrons with another track, one starting with what is now my favorite sample usage of all time. Can we get a compilation of tracks just with Who Framed Roger Rabbit quotes? I feel like Toon Town + DVS & his peeps like Lakutis, Big Baby Gandhi & Kool A.D. would officially win the rap game forever. Until then, check the positively irrepressible flow of DVS and hit up his royally hilarious Twitter. Trust. The dude can beat you with words both in rhyming and in under 144 characters. Recognize.

DVS Has A Mixtape Out. Our World Just Got Significantly Better.

Moonsault opens the ridiculously fantastic joint with two of my favorite things. Classic wrestling and sick flow. This solo track really gets at why I’ve been tracking this kid ever since he was cooler than me in High School (Real Talk). To be clear, DVS has a larger vocabulary than you, and also rhymes faster than you. No seriously. I don’t know you, but he does.  Editgod has DVS bringing up the rear, getting support from Bill Ding & Laku. The murky deliciousness is proper “will scare the suburbs” hip hop.

Death Adders is an orgy of talent and hardness. DVS again shining brightly 60% into the tune. The bass addition at 4:24 is a STUPID GOOD choice. I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed that drop. Big Baby Gandhi both takes the award for best MC name and if they’re responsible for the beats, best usage of chip under legit rhymes I’ve ever heard.  56k uses the soundtrack to millennial social networking to allow a giant posse of heads to push lyrics out one after the other.

Rap Genius has the greatest description of any track I’ve ever heard when his Mixtape dropped on Noisey (yea that’s right, he’s on that VICE too). I’ll just put it here and move on to the next track:

I had just got a G-Pen the day this got done. I was all “prolly I should hit it like 500 times to make sure it works.” I spent most of the rest of the day blinking. But then this song happened also? Not extra sure how. But so, that’s a full day I feel like.

Oh My God with Majesty is a master class on modern rap. All y’all wanna be MC’s, take notes. Literally. Listen to this every day and write things that strike you about the track. Multiple times, while sober and otherwise. DVS & Majesty pick excellent tracks and DVS gets infinite props for rhyming Twilight. This is a banger if ever I’ve heard one. Black Swann comes out of nowhere with some aggressive beats, as Lakutis comes out swinging. This is definitely up there with Editgod on “oh snap, they might rob me” end of rap. This is something we don’t really hear much anymore, so props.

No Stoppin Us Now has some excellent production behind it. I love hip hop beats with vintage & classical chords while talented people make it happen. Glad to see DVS moving into the realm of production, can’t wait to see what comes next. True Blood brings back BBG & Lakutis for a shimmering cipher that I’m going to have to listen to about a dozen times to even make sure I heard everything right. Much Imagery, many words, wow.

Swann Gangg continues to showcase the good work Lakutis & DVS can do even without a Legion of Doom. Man, I totally forgot that Clarissa’s dad was an architect. “Fuck your favorite anything” is a profound verse, just saying. Daytona 900 rounds out the mixtape with every cool person you probably should’ve heard of by now. A 9 minute hip hop track is not to be fucked with. Put it into your face and smile, knowing that you’ve ingested some quality music from the streets. Yes, actual streets.

Japan May Repeal Ban On All-Night Parties

As I’ve mentioned before, Japan does not like you moving your body rhythmically. Apparently, that might be changing though, as a sub-committee has agreed those laws may need to be relaxed. Some people who have posted this story over the last week have pointed to the upcoming World Cup games in Tokyo, and the need to modernize and attract more tourists. As the world definitely likes to dance, especially on holiday, they may need to change. While this re-categorization of dance music nightspots could do wonders for the Japanese music/DJ scene, this is only a recommendation, which still needs to be presented and accepted by the government. Fingers crossed my Nippon-based brothers. (article via FACT, image via VICE)

VICE interviews the American student who is planning the most important EDM festival ever.


While I love bass music and parties and dancing and sunrises, I’ve never made the mistake of thinking they were more important than caring for people or fighting for change. When events shine light on world issues or advocate for the downtrodden it makes me feel better about the gigantic miasma of alcohol and electricity that is being consumed so people can ostensibly move around in a big box. However, if this kid manages to pull this off, I will eat damn fine crow and cheer for him and the necessity for what he’s doing.

The creation of an Israeli-Palestinian music festival, on neutral ground, based on music from both cultures could quite possibly be the most amazing thing to happen to EDM ever. And this kid deserves every kind of support he can get. From the interview: “Anyone interested in helping Andrew and his friends out should email manofathousandteas@gmail.com

Do so if you can or know people who do. This could be the start of something amazing.