Zachary Levi, Mashable Video & Bert (Yes, That One) Remind You To Go Outside.

This is wonderful. Grover, Kal Penn, Bert, and Zachary Levi come together to get your ass out of the house. “Subscriptions to those clouds are free” is one of the best lines I’ve heard in a bit. While it took Pigeons to get Bert out of his house, now that it’s finally nice in the city, go out. I don’t know, go check Instagram on the Highline or something.

Jimi Hendrix Was Chill, Smooth & Above All Of That Jazz (PBS Digital Studios)

I really like the animated series Blank on Blank that PBS does on Youtube. The animation of classic interviews brings an interesting perspective and some clever artistic choices to a stagnant interview series that would be expected of Public Broadcasting. I’d never watched a long-form interview with Jimi, and he’s quite the character. Very chill, very groovy and quite aware of the minstrel show that was and is live music performance.