People Are Paying How Much To Book Linkin Park in 2014?

That’s right ladies and gents, 150k+ for Calvin Harris, 150k+ for Bassnectar, 250k+ for deadmau5, 100k for Kaskade and if you have a mental illness and money to burn, you can drop a quarter million dollars to order up a fresh heaping pile of LMFAO. Priceonomics got some info from Degy Entertainment, and apparently, heads are still expensive. More importantly, I want to point out that there are very few electronic artists in the top category. Let this be a reminder to anyone who thinks EDM is killing Pop. Pop thinks you’re cute.


The Most Sampled Artist And Album Of All Time Is…

James Brown! He’s the only artist to appear on the Top 20 list of most sampled songs twice AND he laps every other artist, having twice the number of songs sampled than anyone else, including The Beatles, Michael Jackson & Public Enemy. Check out the link here for cool graphs and shit-talk ammo for your friend who thinks The Rolling Stones are totes the most important act in the last 50 years. (via Priceonomics)