Your Mars Volta Has Evolved Into Antemasque! Now With Drumming By Flea!

In a move zero people saw coming, not only are the founders of The Mars Volta back, they’ve brought Flea (yes, the RHCP member) with them! The new sound is called Antemasque and they’ve got two tracks out currently on their bandcamp page. Get at them below, there’s a rocking, alternative sound that I’ve not heard in many years. They’re busting out the gate and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Everything is better with two scoops of Volta founders Cedric & Omar. (via

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: V-Squared Labs CEO Vello

Krewella identity set - Max Chang1. What does it feel like to be responsible for what hundreds of thousands of event attendees see for hours at a time every year? It’s a great feeling to have and with a lot of good energy, it’s enjoyable. It’s a group experience they’re all contributing to to make something special.

2. This may be too broad but, when a club kid sees what you’re able to do and likes it and wants to do it themselves, what advice would you give them about how to start? The best way to get started is to start experimenting with trial versions of performance software. There are trial versions of most commercial visual programs, with student discounts available as well. Plenty of opportunity to get your hands on the software & experiment with it. Get yourself a good laptop or desktop or whatever you can afford and start rocking.  Continue reading