The Dark Side of the Moon will be added to the Library of Congress

Each year, 25 albums are selected to be added to the Library of Congress that are deemed “historically” or “culturally” significant. In addition to The Twist (Chubby Checker), the original cast album of South Pacific the musical & the soundtrack to the movie Saturday Night Fever, The Dark Side of the Moon was added, receiving the highest number of public votes.

I’m not sure how to stress how important a recognition this is. The Dark Side of the Moon is one of those albums that means so much to so many people, decade after decade, that its contribution to the UK, USA & world-wide rock and psychedelic scenes cannot be overstated. My kids will probably listen to it in college and then have to pretend they don’t know what it’s about when I ask them about their experiences on campus on holidays.

Get at this ripped/totally illegal upload of the album by some random Youtuber, just in case you needed a little nostalgia. No guarantees for how long it stays up there without getting a DMCA notice, but frankly, if you don’t own the album, do yourself a favor and change that. Then sit back, relax and let it envelop your reality.