Dave Chappelle Crowdsurfing From The Stage To The Bar At a Skrillex Show.

Chappelle showed up at the Skrillex concert in the Bay Area on Monday night. He took a dive off the stage, then rode the crowd to the bar to get a drink. What more is there to say? Besides, I’M RICH, BITCH! (via Beatport)

“I can’t HELP it! Music means EVERYTHING to me!”

Fellas, if you hear this, buy her another drink. Then see what she has to say about the subject, and if she isn’t really into that band Skrillex and his awesome single “Dubstep,” buy her another one.  Comment if you know what comic this is in so I can quote it appropriately.

Cirque Du Soleil teaming up with Skrillex to launch a trippy new Vegas nightclub/circle of Hell

Cirque du Soleil is getting into EDM…or Skrillex is running away with the circus? I’m not sure which, but it’s kind of amazing.  April 26th we’ll be seeing an opening of one of the first new offerings when it comes to luxury electronic dance music. Something’s going to happen but we’re not really sure what. Will it involve aerialists? Probably. Will there be bass? Bet on it. Confirmed residencies from Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Baauer, with I’d imagine a laundry list of producers chomping at the bit to do crazy shit with Cirque du Soleil.


20 Tracks of January 2013

In what will be a monthly exercise I’ve put together a collection of tracks from various artists that released awesome ish during the month of January. Some big names, some small names, some chill, some sexy, some that will make you want to rage. Shout out to all the artists that made it on the list and I look forward to the next 11 months of awesome playlists for you guys. Not too much to say other than, comment if any tracks really catch your eyes, or if you don’t understand why one made the list while another didn’t.


EP of the Week – Leaving by Skrillex

It seems that the majority of r/dubstep misjudged Skrillex and his big room dub focus. Skrillex got famous for playing the kind of hyper-aggrandized dubstep that I lovingly describe as “Transformer Porn.” When you take the sounds Michael Bay gave the Transformers and you imagine them having sex, BAM, Scary Sprites. While people can hate on it all they want, Sonny’s hard work, playing the heartland of America and irrepressible positive outlook & joy for making the music is undeniable. You can see this in his Rolling Stone interview or his acceptance speech at the Grammys. And this week, Skrillex reminded us very hard how much he respected his roots, in addition to shaking up our identity of him pretty fundamentally.

Leaving is straight up some American Future Garage. I specify as such because most of the Future Garage that people are rocking out to these days is UK-based. And the inspiration for this kind of sound and in fact a lot of other artists in the space Leaving explores is the one and only Burial. He was featured on a previous EP of the week, and Skrillex has thanked/named Burial & the rest of the Brixton Dub crew for the work they did to blaze the way for Skrillex to shine and bring this stuff to America’s heartland. The track not only pays homage to Burial, but it does so in a very American, Skrillex-esque way. The signature style that allowed him to shine so brightly is being put into this minimized, stripped down beat, groove & heavily modified sample which works perfectly. I can’t wait to see what effect this has on Skrillex’s approximately 4 billion listeners.

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