Focused Soundwaves Heal Tumors. And The Sonic Screwdriver Is Real, It Seems.

The Txchnologist Tumblr (Sponsored by GE, full disclosure) did an expansive & well documented piece on focused soundwaves being used to heal tumors two weeks ago. Apparently there’s an entire group called the “International Society on Therapeutic Ultrasound,” which sounds like a hilariously awesome title for a dubstep show. It’s in fact a society focused on disseminating knowledge about what ultrasound can do besides just helping doctors view the thoracic cavity & see if your baby has two heads. The therapeutic applications are kind of jaw-dropping. Groups working on drug delivery, healing chronic wounds & even using sound in place of scalpels. That’s right, Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver is not only real, but it’s being actively researched by grad students as we speak. Check out the article here and hit up the links inside for more info. Can’t wait to see the wub-wubs work to cure disease at festivals.