Sting Makes $2,000 A Day For Something Not His & Because Puffy Is An Idiot.

In a fascinating article written for Celebrity Net Worth, Brian Warner documents how Sting’s association with “Every Breath You Take” has become one of the most hilariously profitable things anyone has ever done. Apparently, because the songwriting is credited 100% to Sting, he’s earning the vast majority of the royalties and has for the entire history of the song. This would’ve been bad enough for the other two Police members, but then, Puff Daddy came in and sampled the tune…without getting permission. Diddy’s rap version would go on to sell 7 million copies worldwide, and Sting would take 100% of that. Even though his vocals aren’t on the Diddy track at all. So now, Sting gets 730k per year because of it, just in case you didn’t think USA/UK IP/copyright/licensing laws weren’t completely fucked.