Monday Music: Wavewhore, EGZODS, Crazibiza, Skrillex, What So Not

Decided to get a jump on the new year by shifting the schedule around yet again. Figured everyone can use a burst of new music Monday morning, so here it is folks.
 Skrillex picked up Tennyson (previously mentioned on the blog here) and pulled together an amazing song & music video. While the song speaks for itself, the music video is truly out there. It’s almost as if Skrillex decided to round up a couple dozen street kids (are there even street kids anymore?) and throw an impromptu Christmas dinner for them. Which includes blowing up a car and liberal use of fire works. There’s something very raw to the emotion in the song and the video. I hope Skrillex is feeling loved and that he’s able to care for people this holiday season. He seems like a Peter Pan to OWSLA & Diplo’s Lost Boys. Though, that video looked hella dangerous to shoot.
What So Not is one of the production aliases that Flume takes part in, so keep an eye on it. TheGemini EP release is the closest we’re going to get to some new Flume before 2016, so check it out. The quintessential Future Bass groove is in full effect. Featured vocal work of KLP and the impressive, almost LA-infused bassline will keep your attention and grooving in your chair.
The new Wavewhore hit two weeks ago and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. Classic breaks with modern production values, there’s a hipness to it that you can’t find with a lot of EDM. Breakbeat is the unsung hero of dance music, and artists like Wavewhore are keeping it going. The breakdown is heavy, synthy & almost too future. But, he brings it back for y’all and drops a “funky ass bassline” to quote the song itself. And, unlike a lot of music, the song is right!

V-Man made sure I didn’t miss this tune from a totally unknown producer named Egzod. It’s like a combination between a Souza march, a movie soundtrack and a festival set that involves a harpsichord & an orchestra. The Soundcloud has fewer than 650 followers, so let’s change that. The rest of their page is epic as well, so let’s thank Fresh New Tracks for the tip and blow up this producer’s page.

Funkerman’s Coming Home gets a fresh coat of paint from Crazibiza. Not only does Crazibiza win the contest for cleverest DJ/producer name of the month, it’s a dope tune. Funky house with no pretenses to any of that future garbage out there being pushed by overzealous younglings. The tune is catchy, jazzy and uses the vintage elements from Coming Home excellently. It’s a sunny little tune, kudos to CYFI Recordings for letting it fly.

EP Of The Week: Tennyson – Tennysongs <3

Canadian stunner & wunderkind Tennyson has put together a stellar little EP for us all. Trust that this kid, can produce beyond his years. This kind of stuff has bedroom phenom written all over it. The flowing bass work lilts along with a soothing melodic sunrise synths. You’re Cute starts quietly, but pulls into some fun breakbeat & originally composed rambling bass. This shuffle & whine works and got me interested for where the rest of the EP was going. For You has a little bit of that indietronica vibe to it, but with an almost West Coast feel layered on top. The dreamscape breaks through and the tune saunters along with some clutch & well recorded vocals while Tennyson does work on the keys.

No Answer is a future funk chip extravavangza. Moody bass & keys work is unmatched by people 2 & 3x his age.  Smoother reminds of some Homework era Daft Punk meshed with some Air, two of my favorite French artists by the way. And yes, I don’t make the comparison lightly. Aphasia Rewinding gets into a bit more of the experimental realm with the synth work and walks a fine line between funky & IDM. Violet Alturas finshes out the EP with some rounded sunny beats. They make me think I’ve just beaten a game for the Sega Genesis and am walking away on the beach at sunset as the credits roll. The tonality & the attitude is powerful, but he’s got so much damn potential. This is textbook potent composition, and what this kid needs is production assistance, and good mentorship. Does Monstercat give scholarships yet?

The Kids Are Alright: 5 Tracks From Under 18 Producers That Rock

While the elders will always command the most respect, every year the producers get younger and younger. Porter Robinson, Madeon and Mr. Garrix all got their start before they could drink in the USA, but the kids I’ve got for you today haven’t even graduated high school. Just in case you were feeling like you’d accomplished a lot with your life.

First up, on a tip from EDMTunes, Tronxslyde drops some serious multi-barrel electro. There’s some chip, there’s some euphoric (I didn’t know there could be euphoric electro) and a heavy dose of “when did Madeon release a new track?” There’s so much quality here, and he’s 14. Fourteen. Like, I don’t even think I knew what music was at 14, and this kid’s dropping bompin’ electro. Amazing, and it’s a Free Download.

Just A Gent has been making major waves down under over the last few months, churning out remix after quality remix. This tune has seen daily rotation on my commute and it makes the subway less dismal. Which is a feat, as us Gothamites know. The upbeat remix of the American Authors track is not to be missed, especially as this 16 year old is going to start getting a lot of attention.

Zaxx’s new tune “Annihilate” is about as brutal as the title implies. There’s a big room anthem sound here that can’t be ignored. This is the sound most people try and get by red-lining their shit and failing hard. Never heard of this 16year old but I won’t soon forget the name I don’t think. Drop this on your friends during fist-pump sets.

Another 16 year old, this time a classically trained pianist & cellist, White Raver Rafting tipped me off to this remix of M83’s offering to the Divergent soundtrack. The soundtrack is surprisingly electronic, and Miller Guth does the original & M83 proud. The progressive build is fantastic & the break is exactly what you’re going to hear at every festival this summer, except a little more pretty and a little less Animals’y. There’s a sparkly nature to it that I can

The elder in the group clocks in at 17, and has an astonishing command of a DAW. The production value on this ambient chillwave/future garage is staggering. The talent is serious and there’s a competence with syncopation that we don’t see from producers of any age, much someone who should by all rights still be goofing off in band class. Someone needs to snatch this kid up and make sure he doesn’t turn into the UK Garage version of Bieber.