Midnight Music: Nightcall – Reverie [Euphoric Synth Metal]

Nightcall - ReverieNightcall is one of the few moody, dark triumphant groups that get an instant listen whenever they put out new work. Their explosion 2min in is one of mastery and could best be described as “viking metal without guitars.” There’s a powerful dark future sound here, while staying true to the fundamentals of a genre of music that ISN’T DANCE MUSIC. This is straight up some progressive metal that is being made with a keyboard, or some crazy synth work. If this is coming out of a laptop, which, is likely at this point, I think we’ve seen the tip fellas. Like, this means that all genres are on the take when it comes to this, as my longstanding love of indietronica helps to reinforce. If you can take the best of what’s coming out of laptop production & throw it into some pre-existing musicality/vibe/whatever, bang. And we’re all better for it. This is the kind of work that needs to be happening across genres to really find the sweet spot that bands need to sound unique in an ever increasingly crowded marketplace. 

A Jim Henson Show Explained How A Synthesizer Worked Back in 1989.

This is a retro delight. Thomas Dolby showed up on a vintage Muppet Creature Workshop by Henson & helped explain what samples, synthesizers and basic sampling technique is. This is way back when you got your sample’s info on an oscilliscope and there were no Macbooks anywhere in the studio. For those who don’t know who Thomas Dolby is, he created the nerdy classic track “She Blinded Me With Science.” This a fun, family friendly way to understand what’s going on when those stupendously talented 19yr olds do this with laptops, digital recording programs on their phones & free software. Man, what a long, strange trip it’s been. (via Open Culture)

EP Of The Week: Tennyson – Tennysongs <3

Canadian stunner & wunderkind Tennyson has put together a stellar little EP for us all. Trust that this kid, can produce beyond his years. This kind of stuff has bedroom phenom written all over it. The flowing bass work lilts along with a soothing melodic sunrise synths. You’re Cute starts quietly, but pulls into some fun breakbeat & originally composed rambling bass. This shuffle & whine works and got me interested for where the rest of the EP was going. For You has a little bit of that indietronica vibe to it, but with an almost West Coast feel layered on top. The dreamscape breaks through and the tune saunters along with some clutch & well recorded vocals while Tennyson does work on the keys.

No Answer is a future funk chip extravavangza. Moody bass & keys work is unmatched by people 2 & 3x his age.  Smoother reminds of some Homework era Daft Punk meshed with some Air, two of my favorite French artists by the way. And yes, I don’t make the comparison lightly. Aphasia Rewinding gets into a bit more of the experimental realm with the synth work and walks a fine line between funky & IDM. Violet Alturas finshes out the EP with some rounded sunny beats. They make me think I’ve just beaten a game for the Sega Genesis and am walking away on the beach at sunset as the credits roll. The tonality & the attitude is powerful, but he’s got so much damn potential. This is textbook potent composition, and what this kid needs is production assistance, and good mentorship. Does Monstercat give scholarships yet?

Midnight Music: M83 – Midnight City (SAINT WKND Remix)

M83 - Midnight City (Saint WKND Remix)M83 is one of the most important groups in recent memory way too many EDM fans have never heard of. SAINT WKND comes through with a future bass remix of M83’s triumph Midnight City. It’s a synthetic masterpiece. The track positions SAINT WKND in a realm that only a few artists, such as MitiS, Just A Gent, & a few others have gotten to when it comes to this kind of position. This means you need to check out his mix here and start keeping your ear out for when this one starts getting booked. Because with remix chops like this, it’s just a matter of time for this German upstart. 

Midnight Music: Myrone – Kinda Epic ft. Azeem [80’s Electro/Anthem Synth]

MYRONE - KINDA EPICSweet Jam Alert! This slapping bass track is here just in time for self-tying shoes, hoverboards & the ridiculousness that was 80’s futurism. Azeem pushes out some amazing vocal work, with some retro synth guitar coming up behind like a soundtrack interlude in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Beverly Hills Cop. The high energy sound that seems to split the difference between electro & 80’s synth rock is fantastic, and I’ve gotta give it up to Myrone for it. It’s a great little interlude that will get your week off to an amazing start. (via FreshNewTracks)