Treehouse Of Horror Homer Simpson Trap. You’re Welcome.

In one of the better decisions ever made in the history of Trap music, Bombs Away, an Melbourne Bounce group decided to sample Homer Simpson. That’s right, an Australian bounce act took some of the best quotes from that Simpsons Halloween where they remade The Shining and turned it into a preview/tease. Thanks to Laughing Squid, I’m now of the opinion that this track now needs to come out. I’m sorry. It really, really does. The sample capture is perfect, the use is perfect and the synthetic beat created from Homer’s scream is how you say, Perfect. The last time I heard a competent Simpsons dance remix, it was 2003 and it was psytrance. (Yes, of course I linked it below, and it comes in around 4min, 21sec in)


The Original Demo Of “Lisa, It’s Your Birthday.” Sung By The Actual Michael Jackson

If you were alive in the 90’s, you remember that episode of The Simpsons that had the fake/crazy guy who called himself Michael Jackson. Many people know that MJ actually did the voice for the character, but that he wasn’t allowed to do the song for the show. Contractual obligations ensured that he couldn’t create a separate piece of creative work for the owners of The Simpsons. However, what most people don’t know, is that he provided a demo for what the song needed to sound like. And there it is for you. Happy birthday Lisa.