Playlists Of The Weekend: EDMTunes/Spinnin’ Records & InDeep 30!

Super glad that I can bring this out to share for y’all. A bunch of my peeps at EDMTunes put together this fantastic 90min of dance music for you. New illness from The Chainsmokers, deep gorgeousness from Matt Lange off Anjunabeats, Bassnectar’s summer jam & 17 more tunes. From trap bangers to progressive anthems, if you want to know what Electric Zoo sounds like right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a better sampling of tunes that are big right now. Strong by Arno Cost & Shadow of the Sun’s Mako remix are highlights as well. Hit up EDMTunes and thank them for making this happen with Spinnin’ Records. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know when the next one comes out as well.

Over on Soundcloud, there’s the next session of InDeep. These cats are quickly becoming my go to source for deep, future, tech & “insert sub-genre of house here” house. The list comes in at a manageable 72min and with new Hot Since 82, Amtrac, a fun little snippet from Marcapasos, a FANTASTIC deep house remix of Bittersweet Symphony (must listen), a joint from Mixmag featuring Jody Wisternoff & a whole lot more. If the EDMTunes playlist is your Turn Down For What list, this is your grooving, deep dark set that happens later in the night. Or now while you’re walking around cleaning the house on the long weekend before shenanigans later. Or yachting, elephant polo’ing or jousting, whatever you’re into. The tunes are quality so enjoy the almost 3 hours of music between these two playlists and rock out your weekend!

The Original Demo Of “Lisa, It’s Your Birthday.” Sung By The Actual Michael Jackson

If you were alive in the 90’s, you remember that episode of The Simpsons that had the fake/crazy guy who called himself Michael Jackson. Many people know that MJ actually did the voice for the character, but that he wasn’t allowed to do the song for the show. Contractual obligations ensured that he couldn’t create a separate piece of creative work for the owners of The Simpsons. However, what most people don’t know, is that he provided a demo for what the song needed to sound like. And there it is for you. Happy birthday Lisa.

Michael Jackson, Beatboxing & Singing His Compositions, Part By Part.

The link above contains Michael Jackson singing & beatboxing the multiple layers & harmony of Beat It. Because, when you hear it in your mind the way he did, you can create it the way he does. Explaining the lines and really understanding where each sound needs to go is something I always welcome. Not much to say besides hit that up & enjoy your weekend.

Celebrity Portraits Made From Vinyl Records

In a move that will enrage vinyl & physical media purists everywhere, Greg Frederick makes celebrity portraits & art out of vinyl records. And they’re pretty damn good. Laughing Squid got down on it and so should you. He’s taking comissions and did something for Courtney Love I think. Buy something for the record head in your life just in case you have no idea what kind of Techno they like when their birthday comes around.

3 Duets Between Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury To Be Released!

NME is reporting that 3 duets that were made back in 1983 by Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson are still being worked on and should be released in about two months. Brian May has stated that they’re still being worked on and will be “something for folks to hear.” I gotta say I’m excited, because that would be some high-flying shit. Apparently also, Freddie Mercury thought Michael Jackson was a llama (in the article), so that’s pretty good too. (via NME)