Mix Of The Weekend: Werk It! by Tinker

Tinker - Werk It!This weekend, I’ve got a delightful future/space bass mix for you from Tinker. This dope creator not only drops sick beats, but she’s one of the few DJs across the world that are really trying to incorporate future bass & hip hop. This gargantuan task is one of the real issues that EDM needs to negotiate to really integrate within the larger global music universe. To put it another way, the first person to mix hip hop & EDM correctly wins a billion dollars, as Avicii proved with mixing bluegrass & EDM. She’s on her way, as this mix proves. If you need more proof, just check out this tweet charting her among them DJs to watch in 2015 😀

This mix is definitely higher energy than most of the attempts I’ve seen to fuse the two. The track selection is flawless, with crucial tunes from TroyBoi, Wave Racer, Mr. Carmack, Modeselektor & Aztek being highlights. All in all, it’s a groove-filled 30min that is exactly what you need in your life now that you’ve chased the hair on the dog & realized you woke up too late for brunch. Put it into your face & show my girl Tinker some love!

Mix Of The Weekend: Spring Kiss Mix by Tinker

One day, when you’re cool, you’ll discover an underground group that shares music just like they did back in the day. Or you’ll start your own. One of the members of this group shared a new mix with me, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I can’t find Future Bass or Beats in any coherent offering anywhere. The odd tune I find on Reddit or other places doesn’t suffice, so when Tinker dropped this, I couldn’t have been more happy. She reached 1000 soundcloud followers, so go hit her up and blow that number up as much as you’re able. No, seriously, there’s some visionary basswork going on here, so you can either be follower 1,015 or follower 1,000,015. Whichever you’d like. You’ve been warned.