All Ages Avicii Show Goes About As Badly As It Sounds, With 29 Hospitalized.

It seems that the “all ages” moniker really is leading to more kids doing stupid shit. After Avicii’s hospitalization back in March, I was terribly concerned I wouldn’t get to see Avicii evolve as an artist. He’s back on his feet, but apparently it seems the kids at a recent show in Canada are the ones who needed medical attention. 29 needed medical attention, many before the event even began. This news story illustrates two issues that I’m sure not a lot of producers and promoters consider when creating events. First, they didn’t have additional EMS on standby for a 20,000 person party. To kick the ballistics on that, that meant the event was calibrated to handle .0145% of its attendees needing help, with no one on standby. I mean, I don’t know who their actuaries are, but that seems an under spend that was made as a quick decision.

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