The Crystal Method Mashed Up With Ice-T Is Kind Of Wonderful.

Got this from a friend and I’ve gotta say, I can’t wait to see what else she posts up for us. I am always a fan of people breaking out the classic dopeness for me, and she’s given us a delightful present. A vintage re-edit of The Crystal Method, using a 7″ of I’m Your Pusher, a 12″ copy of Busy Child & a whole bunch of Fender action. This getting pushed into a DJM909, with a whole lot of Jupiter 6 work. For anyone under the age of 35, all of those words and numbers probably made no sense. But suffice it to say, two different kinds of physical media and a closet full of hardware was needed to make this. I know, that doesn’t make any sense, since you could just bomp it all on a laptop now, but this was before laptops. When DJs who wanted to make beats had to walk 10 miles in the snow, up hill both ways to the record shop. This kind of breakbeat sound isn’t something you hear outside of Vitamin B here in NYC, but boy oh boy is it wonderful. Get at it and show Ms. Mancrack some love.

Steve Nolan Wins Hospitality DJ Competition 2014 With A Gorgeous Liquid Mix!

In case you thought that Twitter didn’t matter, I’ve got a mix that proves you wrong. Hospitality announced their DJ competition winner over the weekend on Twitter, and I’d have missed it otherwise. My reward for clinging to the array of Hospitality social media like a barnacle was this FANTASTIC mix by Steve Nolan. Now, if you’ve heard of Steve Nolan before, I’m buying you a case of PBR and a replacement fixie bike chain, because you’re officially more hipster than me. This mix is an incredible journey that pulls some of the best in liquid, drum & bass and Hospitality together into a wonder of a 30min mix. I really hope we hear more from this kid, because this mix is MASSIVE. Put it into your face and let’s get him on the Hospitality parties in 2015, stat.

Childish Gambino Wants To Be A “White Rapper.”

Childish Gambino is wonderful, and trying so hard to be authentic in a world full of posers. This happened¬†on Twitter and it gets exactly to the problems that he & millions around the world face. It’s a potent plea to not be misunderstood, and to be accepted. Donald Glover is one of the people I want to see succeed at all he attempts most in this world. He deserves every iota of it. (via r/Frisson)